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Baby Rings

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22ct Yellow Gold Baby Ring

A lovely baby ring, with diamond cut design forming an elaborate wide face and shoulders. Perfect fo..


Asymmetrical Alternating Matte Finish Baby Ring with

Lovely baby ring featuring asymmetrical and alternating matte finish and diamond cut design across t..

Beautiful Baby Ring with Diamond Face

A lovely baby ring made in 22ct yellow gold. A diamond shaped face demarks the front of the piece, a..


Beautiful Sand Finish Unisex Baby Ring with Diamond Cutting

This lovely baby ring displays beautiful sandblasting finish on the head, complimenting the diamond ..


Detailed Stone Finish Baby Ring

A beautiful baby ring with stone finishing and diamond cut detailing...


Diagonal Diamond Cut and Sandblast Style Baby Ring

Beautiful diamond cutting details the shoulders of this ring, with deep diagonal diamond cut strokes..


Diamond Shape Lazer Cut Baby Ring

A diamond shape with lazer cut detailing sits on a rectangular matte-finished panel. Perfect for you..


Gorgeous Baby Ring

A lovely baby ring crafted in 22ct yellow gold featuring an asymmetric grid design across a square f..


Lazer Cut 22ct Gold Baby Ring

This lovely yellow gold ring displays a stunning lazer cut facade with a central unity point, shoudl..


Leaf Design with Lazer Cut Face Baby Ring PREORDER

Leaf Design with Lazer Cut Face Baby Ring

This ring show a formation of four leaf-style shapes against a lazer-cut background, with diamond cu..

Matte and Polished Star Diamond Cut Baby Ring PREORDER

Matte and Polished Star Diamond Cut Baby Ring

A beautiful baqby ring features both matte sandblast and highly polished finish across the face. Dia..

Square Wheat Cut 22ct Gold Baby Ring

A beautiful yellow gold baby ring featuring a diamond cut square shaped facade with a blend of highl..


Star with Diamond Cut Baby Ring PREORDER

Star with Diamond Cut Baby Ring

Baby ring with diamond cut star design. Great for your child or as a gift...

Stunning Baby Ring with Star Design Lazer Cut Head

Brilliant lazer cuts in a star shaped formation decorate the ehad of this piece, with horizontal ban..


Three-Quarter Crosses Design Baby Ring

One quarter of the face of this ring is plain highly polished, contrasting beautifully with the rest..