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Baby Bangles

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22ct Baby Bangle/Kara

A beautiful baby bangle/kara featuring diamond cut design around the entirety of the bangle. A beaut..


Black Bead Baby Bangle with Lazer Cut Yellow Gold Beads

Multifaceted black beads run along the length of the piece with symmetrical yellow gold beads formin..


Double Ball Style Adjustable Baby Bangle/Kara

Multifaceted diamond cuts and filigree style point design form the aesthetic of this piece, with the..


Double Ball Style with CZ Adjustable Baby Bangle/Kara

Two diamond formations, consisting of matte point designs and diamond cuts, sit on both sides of thi..


Matte Finish with Diamond Cut Adjustable Baby Bangle/Kara

Diamond cut engravings run along the length of the entire bangle/kara in a repeated horizontal desig..


Multi-Panelled Wrap-Around Design Adjustable Baby Bangle/Kara

Multi-panelled cuts organised at three different angles wrap around the entire length of this piece,..


Two-Toned Lazer-Cut Design Baby Bangle

Distinctive rhodium-plated panels with intricate lazer-cut finish run along this piece in regular in..


Unique Diagonal Dimaond Cut Baby Ring

A unique baby ring featuring asymmetric diamond cut embellishment against a matte sandblast finish. ..