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Insurance and Zakat Valuations

15/09/2014 0 Comment(s) Valuations,Branding,

We offer a Valuations service for Insurance and Zakat purposes.



Insurance Valuations




With the gold prices at high levels there have been increased burglaries and therefore important to ensure you have your valuables insured through your home contents insurance.


However if you are ever faced with such a loss, many insurance companies pass claims to their Loss Adjusters who then deal with jewellers on their panel. The jewellers need to offer a substantial discounted price to loss adjustors to be registered on their panel. Jewellers are paid for the jewellery provided to customers once an invoice has been submitted to the loss adjusters by the jewellers. 

We think this practice is unfair and for this reason we are not on any panel. No insurance company can force you to deal with jewellers of their choice. In this process the customer is at a loss because prices are inflated to allow jewellers to offer discounts.


For any Insurance Claim, please contact us first. We will communicate with your insurance company or their loss adjusters and ensure our customer is paid the maximum value for their jewellery.




Zakat Valuations



We offer a Zakat valuation service for our Muslim customers. Please contact us for further information.