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Online and In-Store Repairs

17/11/2027 0 Comment(s) Repairs,

Apart from manufacturing and retailing fine gold and diamond jewellery, gold Factory also specialise in all types of jewellery repairs. We have our own workshops with the latest imported machines to undertake repairs requiring great accuracy and patience such as antique diamond jewellery.

You may have an article of jewellery sitting in your draws collecting dust. You simply can't wear it because it no longer fits you or is broken. Your first thought is to sell it. We at Gold Factory would suggest that you show us the jewellery so that we can advise you if it's even worth selling it. Many jewellers purchase old gold jewellery as Scrap Gold as that's what they see it as "Scrap Gold", but it's not scrap. It probably has a sentintimental value to it. When jewellery is purchased from retailers it includes the value of the metal ie gold, silver or platinum, then costs of the gems, labour charges and then duty and VAT. You lose most of that when scrapping your jewellery. We can restore your old jewellery and bring it back to life. We can even manufacture a completely different piece of jewellery from your old jewellery. This is great for jewellery with sentimental value as you could be wearing a completely different piece of jewellery but from the same metal and set with the same gems. Please do contact us for restoration or if you would like us to design you bespoke jewellery.


Trade Service

We also offer a trade service to companies selling jewellery online and on TV. Currenty we resize over 1000 rings per week. We are willing to set up a 30 day credit facility so our customers can concentrate on sales whilst we deal with all their resizings and other repairs and alterations.

Please contact us for all your repair requirements.